Auckland students get NCEA credit top-up to recognise lockdown

Source: 1News

Auckland secondary students will get extra NCEA credits to recognise the time spent in Alert Levels 3 and 4. 

Their 'Learning Recognition Credits' (LRC) will be increased, meaning for every four NCEA credits they receive this year, they will get an additional one. 

It was previously one for every five. 

Education Minister Chris Hipkins said it would mean Auckland students would have a fair opportunity to get their NCEA, despite studying through Covid lockdowns.

The maximum extra credits a student can get will be 16 at Level one NCEA and 12 at Level two or three.

The endorsement threshold for certificates will be lowered by two to 44 credits at merit or excellence for Auckland students.

"The disproportionate impact of disruption from Covid-19 on Auckland also means some students and their families may be apprehensive about returning to school, and it will take time for students to readjust to classroom learning," Hipkins said. 

"The opportunity to earn additional LRCs provides reassurance to students that their qualification and awards remain within reach."