Elderly man punched in Auckland Countdown mask altercation

Source: 1 NEWS

An elderly man was punched in the face at a Pukekohe Countdown in Auckland after reportedly telling a fellow shopper to wear a mask.

By Thomas Day

A Countdown staff member stepped in to stand up for the man, when she too was allegedly threatened by the individual.

Countdown general manager Kiri Hannifin, confirmed to 1News the incident occurred Sunday afternoon.

Police say they received a report of an assault at a commercial premise in Pukekohe around 4:15pm.

It was a report of one person being punched by another, however, no injuries were reported.

Fellow shopper Pauline Armstrong said she saw four police officers at the scene and many other shoppers who were comforting the man.

She said she, “felt really sorry for everyone, especially the worker.”

It comes just five days after a PAK'nSAVE security guard was assaulted by a woman who refused to wear a mask, and was then chased by two men with weapons.

Police arrested two people in the nearby area over that incident.