Hilary Barry's latest Formal Friday look reflects long lockdown

Source: 1News

Formal Friday has been a lockdown staple from Seven Sharp’s Hilary Barry, as the co-host has treated fans to a tiara-topped outfit lined up with a baking episode of tempting treats.

But this Friday’s Instagram post revealed a slightly different look, as the normally immaculate Barry appeared with smeared makeup, sitting on a bench littered with a jar of peanut butter, a half-eaten banana and a packet of corn chips spilling onto the floor.

She managed to keep her tiara tidy amid a backdrop of a black and white portrait of when the presenter had seen better formal Fridays.

“No one can expect too much of you right now. Just do your best,” she posted to social media, much to the amusement of her followers.

One asked Barry if “Mr B” did her makeup today. Another even commented her look was “better," while someone else said "the Queen of New Zealand gets a makeover". 

Barry has also lightened lockdown by providing a daily reading of Pride and Prejudice, which she has reached her 23rd episode of.

Auckland has been in a strict level 4 lockdown since August 18, with restrictions set to be reviewed after Cabinet meets on Monday, September 20 to discuss the Alert Level of Auckland and the rest of NZ.