Some Tinder users combining search for love with home ownership goals

Source: 1News

With the average house price rising to nearly $850,000, some people have come up with a very modern solution - combining the search for Mr or Mrs Right with their goal of home ownership.

Tinder says references to house buying on its online profiles have more than doubled since last June.

“Looking for someone to combine incomes with so we can buy a house using KiwiBuild’s $180,000 couples limit,” one profile read.

“Just want someone to buy a house with - nothing serious,” another read.

Two’s Company owner and dating agent Sasha Madarasz told Seven Sharp the increasing number of references to house buying in dating profiles is “absolutely brilliant”.

“They’re using an available database to solve a completely different problem and I think as long as they’re all being honest and upfront about what they’re doing, then it’s just a win-win situation.”

She said over the past 18 years, she’s found men are often “looking for a woman who has time for a relationship”, while women are looking for a man who has “his own life, his own friends, his own hobbies”.

Madarasz also gave a word of advice for people looking to increase their attractiveness on dating apps, joking it’s “certainly not a man with no shirt on holding a big fish”.

References to 'house buying' in its online profiles has more than doubled since June last year.

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