Covid-19 saliva test drop-off sites set up near Auckland

Source: 1News

From Friday, essential workers crossing the Auckland boundary will have to prove they have had a Covid-19 test in the previous seven days.

Several sites have been set up near the border for workers to pick up and drop off saliva tests.

Transport operator, Jason Hall, says he doesn’t have an issue with the change.

“I think it's probably necessary unfortunately, it's just part of the thing around what we're having to deal with and I've got no trouble with it,” he said.

Hall is one of 60 company drivers delivering fuel from Tauranga to Auckland and among many opting for saliva testing as the now mandatory proof needed to cross the border.

“I guess it's less invasive and our employees were probably a bit hesitant about the nasal testing having to be done weekly and not knowing how long this process is going to be going on for,” Tranzliquid Logistics director Jackie Carroll said.

Labtests operational manager Virginia Bishop said they "now have over 3000 permitted workers registered for saliva testing and over 300 employers".

People permitted to cross the border can register for the app before picking up and dropping off a test. They will then receive a text message within the next 24 hours with their result.

Essential workers must show police carrying out checks that they have had a test in the past seven days, alongside documentation proving they may cross the border.