Rotorua whānau 'disgusted' by letter sent to kuia over Māori flag

Source: 1News

A whānau in Rotorua say they’re disgusted after a letter was anonymously sent to their kuia, berating her for flying the Māori flag on her property.

Kahutapeka Kara Ututaonga, mokopuna of Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones has lived in Glenholme for 70 years, and flown her flag proudly for nine of those years. The letter left anonymously described Jones as “disgusting”, and ordered her to take the flag down.

It read: "Congradulations (sic), you have won the prize for the most disgusting property in Glenholme! Some of us have pride in our area. You need to step up to the mark. Take the flag down.”

The letter sent to Jenny Jones anonymously ordering her to take the Māori flag down

Kahutapeka Kara Ututaonga, Jones' granddaughter, told Te Karere the letter was “repulsing”, and that her whānau has never received such a reaction before.

“It was disgusting to see that is what they had to say to my kui," she told Te Karere. 

Jenny Jones has lived in Glenholme for 70 years and was sent the letter anonymously

“It made me angry as well knowing that that person obviously doesn't know my kui, yeah just shocking to see that disgusting behaviour.”

Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon has also called the letter out.

The whānau vowed not to remove the flag.