Colbert teases Ardern, NZ about sex in hospital claims

Source: 1News

US talk show host Stephen Colbert has had some fun teasing Kiwis and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern this week over an odd question from one of this week’s Covid-19 briefings.

Colbert, who has built a relationship with both New Zealand and Ardern over the years through interviews and a 2019 trip to Aotearoa, brought up a question from Thursday’s 1pm press conference in Wellington.

A reporter asked Ardern about claims a person had had “sexual relations” at Auckland Hospital and whether it was considered a “high risk activity in the current climate”.

Colbert went to town on the moment, amused by both the question and Ardern’s reaction.

"We've gotta get socialised medicine in this country," Colbert told his audience.

"You know your country is tiny when you can't have sex without the Prime Minister finding out about it.

"Someone has sex in hospital? Was it David? From Wellington? Cos that sounds like David."

In response on Thursday, Ardern said; “that kind of thing shouldn't generally be part of visiting hours, I would have thought.” 

Colbert said Ardern’s answer was sensible before joking it was okay for doctors to do it instead as a montage of steamy scenes from US hospital dramas played.