Kiwi friends build website to help speed up vaccinations

Laura James
Source: 1News

Eight Kiwi friends have launched a new website, making it easier for people to find the earliest possible vaccination slot.

Vaccinations will continue through to 7.30pm today and then all the way through to Sunday night.

The group, who all have day jobs as developers, built the site in just five days after hearing complaints from friends and family, unable to secure bookings before next month.

“The problem with the existing website was just that you have to go through each vaccine location individually looking for available slots," developer Jackson Lawrence told 1 NEWS.

“We flipped that on its head and sorted all the available appointments by date first and location second."

More than 5000 people have used the site to find a vaccine slot, since it launched on Saturday night.

“We’ve had good feedback from lots of people saying they used it to get a booking sooner than their original one," Lawrence said.

On social media, a user said the website helped them reschedule their family's appointments to this Friday, having originally been booked in for November.

Another said they were able to rebook their appointment in three weeks time to Wednesday this week.

Their website, can’t be used to make a booking, Lawrence explained, saying once you find a slot you’re redirected to the official Government bookmyvaccine website.

“We just facilitate finding it in the first place.” he said.

"Our goal is just to help get as many people vaccinated as possible."

The site’s regularly and automatically updated using data extracted from the official Government bookmyvaccine website.

“We publish these in a calendar format so that you can find the soonest slots available within your defined radius from your location," Lawrence said.

“Once you've found a slot you can use the bookmyvaccine website to actually make the booking, we just facilitate finding it in the first place."

Lawrence said their process is completely transparent, with anyone able to access the code they’ve used through a link at the bottom of the site.

“It also has the benefit of allowing anyone to suggest edits to the website. We’ve already had a few suggestions pop up so we’ll review them and if the code they have written is good and makes the website better then we’ll integrate those changes."