Ardern jokes that showing graph is 'for the memes'

Source: 1News

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has embraced her recent internet fame, joking during Friday's Covid-19 briefing that showing another graph to media and the New Zealand public was "for the memes".

Ardern became a meme - a humourous image used on the internet - earlier this week after a picture of her holding up a heatmap of close contacts to Covid-19 cases went viral.

Internet users have since photoshopped in numerous different images to replace the heatmap she was originally holding.

The recent internet fame appears to have not got past the Prime Minister as she discussed vaccination rates at Friday's Covid-19 briefing in Wellington.

Ardern grabbed a piece of paper in front of her to hold up to the assembled media before delivering her line.

"You know that I love to hold up a good graph, just for the memes," Ardern quipped.

The comment got a decent laugh from reporters as the Prime Minister explained her beloved graph.

It's the latest fun moment from the serious briefings of this year's lockdown, after Covid-19 Minister Chris Hipkins went viral earlier this month for discussing when people could "spread their legs" in level 4, rather than stretch them.