How does this Level 4 lockdown compare to March 2020?

Source: 1News

Statistics from the current Delta outbreak versus last year's first lockdown show just how much more contagious the new strain is.

In 2020, the first ever Covid-19 case was reported on the February 28, yet it took one month for the country to go into Level 4.

This year all it took was one possible Delta case, now confirmed, exactly one week ago. The nation went straight into Level 4 lockdown with no lead-in time at all.

Last year it took one month to go from one case to more than 100 cases in total, all before lockdown began.

This time around it's taken less than a week to get above 100 cases, despite the country being placed into an immediate Level 4 lockdown, showing how much more contagious the Delta variant is.

In 2020, it took two weeks at Level 4 lockdown before we started seeing a decrease in case numbers.

Now, seven days into the Delta outbreak, there are no signs of the spike flattening out, with the experts saying we're yet to reach a peak in case numbers.

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