Pair linked to Auckland MIQ facility who need Covid tests remain unaccounted for

Source: 1News

Health officials continue to investigate the likely source of New Zealand's community Covid-19 Delta outbreak, with the cluster climbing to 107 cases today. 

Last week it was announced the cases were closely linked to a Sydney traveller who had been in quarantine at the Crowne Plaza MIQ facility in central Auckland. 

The Ministry of Health announced Monday that six people had been identified as having used the Plaza atrium while the Sydney traveller was in the lobby. 

Whether there is a potential airflow between both spaces that could have triggered the outbreak is being investigated. 

So far, four of those cases have been identified with three testing negative while one result is still pending.

"There are two people still to be identified, which police are assisting with," a Ministry of Health spokesperson said.

The thoroughfare under investigation is inside the Crowne Plaza hotel, not the outside walkway, which can be used to access the Huawei Centre. 

"It's been confirmed the case was indoors while a very small number of people walked in the open walkway, which is well ventilated," a Ministry of Health spokesperson said. 

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