Group caught jet boating near Wānaka, one drove four hours

Source: 1News

Seven men are facing police enforcement action after being caught jet boating near Wānaka on Friday.

A jet boat along the water.

A police officer on patrol along the Makarora River discovered the group, which included a man who had travelled four hours from Dunedin.

They were all from different bubbles.

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster says since Level 4 lockdown rules came into force, 23 people have been charged with a total of 27 offences nationwide, mainly as a result of protests.

Sixty-five people have been issued formal warnings.

"Overall, police are encouraged to see how well people are behaving across the country but there is a small number of people who are continuing to flout the rules," Coster said. 

Overnight, a West Auckland man wanted for burglary was seen driving at 3am. 

He has been charged with receiving stolen property and obtains by deception.

He also received an infringement notice for beaching the Alert Level 4 restrictions.

You can find out the rules at Alert Level 4 here.