Two more Auckland high schools hit by Covid-19

Barbara Dreaver
Source: 1News

Two Catholic schools in Auckland; De La Salle College in Māngere and McAuley High School in Ōtāhuhu are the latest to be hit with Covid-19 .

At this stage there are two positive cases, a brother and sister, who were infectious when they attended each of their respective schools on August 17.

Parents, caregivers and staff were emailed letters around 8pm on Friday night, warning all students and staff have to self-isolate for 14 days and complete two tests over that time.

One worried mother told 1 NEWS that her son is in the same year level as the student who has tested positive.

She said she had asked De La Salle College to at least let them know the year level of the positive case.

“I am overwhelmed and extremely anxious for my kids, and myself — I have my elderly mum living with me as well as a two-year-old baby,” she said.

The mother said it's becoming clearer that the outbreak is wider than originally predicted and is spreading faster than anticipated.

“We are trying to grasp onto faith and hope that we will come out of this safely,” she said.

De La Salle College principal Myles Hogarty told parents to remain calm and follow the instructions in the Auckland Regional Public Health Service letter.

He said he was sure that all would be fine and to “continue to pray for all members of our college community”.