Three-hour wait at Covid-19 test site in Coromandel

Source: 1News

Queues of cars are snaking around Covid-19 testing stations in Auckland and the Coromandel, with some people waiting for hours on end. 

Covid-19 testing station in Coromandel.

Breakfast reporter Larissa Howie has been at the pop-up testing site in Narrow Neck, on Auckland's North Shore, all morning. 

She said "things really started to ramp up" at the Devonport site from 9am, with "hundreds" waiting to be tested. 

One person told 1 NEWS: “I wanted to get tested to make sure.”

Another person said they’d been around the shops in Devonport, so wanted to make sure they got a test.

There are similar scenes in the Coromandel, with a testing station in the township now "getting really busy".

1 NEWS reporter Logan Church said the queue was "snaking right down the road". 

"People here are taking no chances," he remarked.

He said some people, many of whom were employees of businesses listed as locations of interest, had been in the line for up to three hours. 

Josephine Fraser, owner of UMU Restaurant and Cafe in Coromandel, said it was “unfortunate” that a Covid-19-positive person visited the premises. 

Josephine Fraser, owner of UMU Restaurant and Cafe in Coromandel.

But, she was optimistic.

“One thing I know about this town is we do band together. We make sure we look after each other.”