Ardern says panic buying unnecessary - 'Be kind, courteous'

Source: 1News

Jacinda Ardern says human nature means some people won't listen when she says there is no need to panic buy.

New Zealand is moving to Alert Level 4 tonight for three days, with Auckland and Coromandel likely to be at that level for a week, after a community case emerged.

The case is a 58-year-old Auckland man who developed symptoms while visiting Coromandel over the weekend.

The announcement of a case on Monday saw people flock to supermarkets, in preparation for a lockdown.

Supermarkets have consistently said they have enough supplies for lockdown situations.

"There is no need to panic buy," Ardern said, adding she knows human nature means some people won't heed her advice.  

"I will remind you again, you don't need to worry, they will be open. So please, just remember, other people need to buy things too. Be kind, be courteous."