Covid-19 vaccination drive set up for people with autism

Source: 1News

A Covid-19 vaccination clinic specifically designed for people with autism is taking place in Lower Hutt this weekend.

The clinic is at New Zealand’s only Autism Resource Centre and it's a quite space; with low lighting and tactile objects to help ease distress around the vaccination process.  

Chanelle Moriah, 22, got her second jab at the clinic on Saturday. She told 1 NEWS it was a much less stressful experience than going to a regular clinic, which was noisy.

"It doesn't hurt that bad, it's not scary," she said. 

Chanelle Moriah, aged 22, visits the Autism Resource Centre for her second Covid-19 jab.

"I was terrified of needles before, so much better coming here because at the other one it was really loud and I was really overwhelmed."

About 100 people are expected to be vaccinated at the clinic, which will run again in September so second jabs can be given.

New Zealand's only Autism Resource Centre has created an environment to try and ease the distress associated with getting the jab.