Government approves $5.7 million in clean car rebates

Source: 1News

The Government has given out millions of dollars in electric vehicle and hybrid rebates in the month since the scheme was launched.

It comes as some electric vehicle (EV) dealers are also seeing soaring demand.

Figures released to 1 NEWS reveal 1422 applications for the rebate have been received in the first month.

Of those, almost 1200 have been processed and 1047 rebates have been approved – at a total of almost $5.7 million.

EV sales have also revved up. Last July there were 483 new EVs registered, this year there were almost 2000.

Transport Minister Michael Wood says the legislation is paying off.

“That is a pretty good indication that the clean car discount is having the desired effect,” Wood said.

Michael Wood says several manufacturers are promising to roll out more vehicles within the next two years.

Owners are also noticing changes on the road.

“I'm seeing a lot more EVs, it's been increasingly easy to get charge around town, it's saved me a lot of money on petrol,” hybrid owner Kate Sewell said.

One Auckland car dealership has seen an increase in sales by 30 to 40 per cent.

“We were still having pretty good months before the clean car programme but the last month has certainly been the busiest,” sales manager Hadley Hargadon said.

Almost every electric car model available new in New Zealand saw an uptick in sales last month. The most popular that is eligible for the rebate is the MG ZS.

“We are seeing a lot more people sort of anticipating the cars that are arriving and securing them before they get here,” Hargadon said.

The scheme runs until the end of the year, when a levy for petrol guzzlers begins.