Magnitude 5.1 earthquake felt across North Island

Source: 1News

A light earthquake has woken people across the North Island. 

Screemnshot of geonet's felt reports following 52.1 earthquake

According to Geonet, the 5.1 earthquake was 160km deep in the Waikato region, causing wide-reaching minor shaking. 

Reports of shaking began around 1am, ranging from Wellington to Auckland.

As of 5.30am, there were more than 2700 'felt reports' submitted to Geonet, including as far away as Dunedin. 

Some Android users have reported a new earthquake Google alert currently being trialled in New Zealand. While Geonet says the earthquake was 5.1 magnitude, the Google alert stated a 6.0 magnitude earthquake off the east coast of the North Island.