Video shows shocking conditions Covid patients face in Fiji hospital

As Fiji notches up another day of over 1000 Covid-19 cases, shocking vision has emerged from the main hospital in Suva exposing the conditions that some Covid patients are living and dying in.

The four minute phone video which is circulating widely on Fiji social media opens in one of the Covid patient tents at the Colonial War Memorial hospital, with a dead body wrapped up on one of the beds.

"This one’s been dead since 3am," says the anonymous person taking the video, before swinging the phone around to show what she says is her bed just a few metres away.

She then walks outside the tent where a number of people can be seen, some of them visitors she says.

"I’m Covid positive and just walking around like a tourist," she says.

The one unisex portable toilet that all the Covid patients have to use is filthy, with what appears to be faeces or vomit all over the floor.

The video shows clear signs the country’s health system is struggling with the crisis.

In the last day there have been 1054 cases and 12 people have died from the coronavirus — but another 30 deaths are under investigation to see if they died of Covid-19.

All up there have been 123 deaths since April, plus another 51 patients who had the virus but medical authorities claim died of other serious conditions.

So far 68 per cent of the target population has received one dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine and 13.8 per cent two jabs.