Partner of Sydney man who visited Wellington tests positive for Covid-19

Source: 1News

The partner of the Sydney man who visited Wellington last weekend has now tested positive for Covid-19.

Covid-19 test.

Health officials say 'Case A’ visited Wellington from Sydney on Saturday 19 June until Monday 21 June, before testing positive for Covid-19 upon their return to Australia.

Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins says NSW health officials confirmed yesterday that the partner of the man, who was travelling with him while in New Zealand, has now tested positive after an initial negative result.

“It suggests Case A was infectious towards the end of their stay in New Zealand,” Hipkins says.

He said the pair “were isolated from each other” upon their return to Australia given Case A’s positive diagnoses.

“So the infection could have taken place in New Zealand, or while they were travelling back together.”

Hipkins says the Ministry of Health is “particularly focused” on people who could have been exposed to Case A towards the end of their stay in Wellington.

He is urging people to check the locations of interest and those who came through the Wellington airport from 0830am to 10.30am, to monitor for symptoms and get a test if symptomatic.

Given the uncertainty of the situation, Hipkins says Wellington needs to remain at Alert Level 2 for 48 more hours.

Bloomfield says as today marks the eighth day since the person who visited Wellington tested positive and it's "critical" over the next few days that Wellington residents adhere to level 2 restrictions.

Bloomfield said Case A had received “at least one dose of the vaccine”.