Members of public forced off Auckland motorways by procession after gang funeral

Source: 1News

Drivers were forced off an Auckland motorway by motorcycle gang members following a funeral for a man with links to the Head Hunters today.

It came after hundreds of gang members descended on a Grey Lynn church for the service of Taranaki Fuimaono, with police shutting down the street.

Fuimaono died in Auckland Hospital following an arrest on Saturday.

Members of the Mongrel Mob, Head Hunters, King Cobra, and Killer Beez were present, many arriving in large groups on motorcycles.

What started as a peaceful gathering later turned chaotic on Auckland’s motorways.

Footage captured on the North Western Motorway showed bikies - some without helmets - forcing vehicles out of lanes.

One motorist forced to move over to the shoulder told 1 NEWS they felt intimidated and locked their doors.

Police say no arrests were made, but they are reviewing footage sent to them by the public and following up on reports of “the driving behaviour exhibited today”.

“Police will be following this information up to ensure anyone who was seen putting others in danger will be held accountable,” inspector Jacqui Whittaker of Tamaki Makaurau Police said.

Auckland City District Commander Superintendent Karyn Malthus also spoke to 1 NEWS about motorists feeling intimidated.

"It's not ideal and not what we would like to happen however we are dealing with three or 400 bikes that are intent going from A to B.

"I absolutely understand that it can look intimidating, but our job is to make sure everyone is safe on the roads and to get them through quickly and monitor their driving behaviour."

ACT leader David Seymour slammed the disruptions.

“Over 100 people die in New Zealand every day sadly and everyone else manages to farewell and mourn their loved ones without causing this disturbance.”

Anyone with information or who has witnessed any concerning behaviour is encouraged to report it to police by phoning 105.