Shallow earthquake rattles Canterbury, adding to residents' stress amid flooding

Source: 1News

To cap off a nightmare few days for Cantabrians, a shallow magnitude 4.2 earthquake caused light shaking in the Christchurch area last night.

The earthquake struck at 9.47pm, 20 kilometres northeast of Christchurch, at a depth of just 9 kilometres.

As of this morning, almost 8000 people reported feeling shaking from the quake.

The quake comes as Civil Defence in Canterbury says the region can start moving into clean up mode ahead of a visit from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to the flood-affected areas this morning. However, the Ashburton Bridge — part of State Highway 1 — has been closed over fears it has been compromised by the fast-flowing water in recent days. 

"We’ve had some people driving across it this morning and they’ve given us reports that the road has been slumping underneath them as they drive it over," Ashburton Mayor Neil Brown told Breakfast.