Data of 533 million Facebook users leaked online

Source: 1News

In a major security breach, 533 million Facebook users' phone numbers and personal data have been leaked online. 

The exposed data collected from 106 nations includes their full names, locations, birth dates, bios and email addresses. 

A Facebook spokesperson told Business Insider Australia that the leak was scraped from the site due to a previous vulnerability that the social media giant patched in 2019. 

The platform had vowed to tighten down against mass data scraping after the Cambridge Analytica scandal saw the data of 80 million users taken. 

Now the dataset, which is a couple years old, has been posted to a low-level hacking forum, making it available to anyone with the skills to unpack it. 

The information could be used by cyber criminals to impersonate or scam users with their personal information that's now publically available.