New Zealand's best hot cross bun baker crowned for 2021

Source: 1News

New Zealand’s best hot cross bun baker has been crowned for 2021.

The award, judged by Baking New Zealand, came down to a top three.

In third place was Timaru’s U-bake, in second place was the Sydenham Bakery in Christchurch.

First place went to Marcus Braun and Shane Hancox of Artisan Café — which is part of Rangiora Bakery on the high street — for the second year running.

Seven Sharp asked Braun what his secret for success is.

“I can't really tell you what's in here because it’s secret. But we've got a whole lot of different dried fruits macerated orange juice and zests and spices.

“Shane's idea this year was to put in a bit of bun glaze with the fruit to help bring out some flavours.”

The last four years the best hot cross bun winner has come from Canterbury.