Law expert warns Covid-19 vaccination passports might lead to discrimination for some

Source: 1News

A University of Auckland professor with a PhD in the philosophy of law is warning proposed “Covid passports” that allow vaccinated people to travel overseas may discriminate against some.

It comes as the idea of a Covid-19 passport is spreading internationally.

Airlines are already experimenting, and Air New Zealand will trial a digital vaccine passport in April.

University of Auckland’s professor Tim Dare warns the move could create issues.

“If you have to have one in order to socialise with people, perhaps even go to work, then concerns about discrimination would become more serious,” he told 1 NEWS.

Dare pointed out some people with underlying conditions can't actually take the vaccine.

“The people who are unvaccinated, most of them probably won't be people making a choice not to be vaccinated. People won't be getting vaccinated because vaccines won't be available to them.”

The Government is monitoring developments overseas.

“I suspect we will get to the point where international travel becomes much more dependent on being vaccinated against Covid-19,” Covid Response Minister Chris Hipkins says.

The Travel Pass app will be trialled on Air New Zealand's Auckland to Sydney route first, starting in April.

When the app becomes available. Aircrew and customers will both be invited to join the trial.

It will store health information, including Covid-19 test results and vaccinations.