Second round of gun buybacks begins today

Source: 1News

The gun buyback scheme is set to return today, but it's a lot smaller affair than the first round two years ago which was rolled out in wake of the Christchurch terror attacks. 

No large-scale collections are on the cards this year, with police asking people to call ahead to their local stations before they can hand over their firearms. 

Roughly $15 million has been set aside by the Government to fund the second round of buybacks as it continues on for the next three months until the amnesty ends on May 1. 

They'll be taking in guns that are now considered prohibited under the new legislation brought in on the back of the March 15 attacks in 2019. 

Thousands turned out to hand back their guns in the last collection with a total of 60,000 firearms and 5600 modified guns were turned in along with nearly 300,000 prohibited parts and magazines.