Experts give CV tips as NZ recruitment agencies swamped with applications

John McKenzie
Source: 1News

With unemployment numbers reaching record highs in New Zealand, the fight to secure a new job can be a tough one.

It’s led to some employers receiving hundreds of job applications for each listing.

It's a scenario that can make it hard to be recognised, something a Dunedin recruitment worker says needs addressing.

“There’s a danger of people saturating the market with their CVs. For example, sending out their CV to every single recruitment agency and applying directly themselves,” recruitment director Emily Richards says.

Her and business partner, Victoria Robertson, say they’ve looked through thousands of CVs since lockdown, noticing plenty of common mistakes.

“Get your CV accurate, no typos, make sure the cover letter is for the job you’re applying for,” Robertson says.

While those might seem like basic errors, it’s a problem all too commonly seen by recruitment director Tom Sweeney.

“Rather than sending your CV and cover letter to a hundred different people, send it to five and make it a little bit better,” he says.

He says a CV doesn’t need to show everything you’ve ever done, but should list achievements that will make the employer want to call you.

He also says things like colour and a good headshot go a long way to standing out from the crowd.

Emily Richards adds a simple phone call to the employer also goes a long way.

“Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone to companies that you’re interested in working for and introduce yourself,” she says.