Dr Ashley Bloomfield withdraws from TV Personality of the Year award

Source: 1News

Dr Ashley Bloomfield won the nation's hearts during the Covid-19 crisis, but he's now withdrawn from a top competition intended to celebrate that.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

The Director-General of Health was a finalist in the TV Personality of the Year category in this year's NZTV Awards, alongside faces including TVNZ's Hilary Barry and Wendy Petrie.

He made daily appearances during the Covid-19 crisis, appearing during the live press briefings which were broadcast nationwide.

However, Bloomfield has now declined the nomination.

A statement from his office today says he was "humbled" by the nomination.

"Given his primary role as a public servant and not a TV personality, he would like to step aside from being considered for the award."

NZTV Awards officials say they support his decision to withdraw and thanked him, the Ministry of Health and frontline workers during the Covid-19 fight.

People will be able to cast a new vote for other finalists after his withdrawal, competition officials say.

The NZTV Awards take place on November 18, with voting closing at midnight on Sunday, November 15.