Auckland City Mission bracing for toughest Christmas in 100 years

Source: 1News

Auckland City Mission says its prepping for its toughest Christmas in 100 years.

Mission CEO Chris Farrelly says he’s been shocked by the food poverty and asks people to donate cash and food.

The mission has had its services stretched to the extreme due to the Covid-19 pandemic, well before its traditional busy Christmas period approaches.

“At the peak of the pandemic we provided 1500 emergency food parcels a week to families in need, putting a huge strain on our food resources. Now we desperately need to replenish our stocks in preparation for Christmas,” says City Missioner Chris Farrelly.

His message comes as the mission’s Christmas appeal launches today.

“For too many families, Christmas Day is not a day to look forward to, when they are facing no presents or food,” says Farrelly.

The Auckland City Mission estimates that before Covid-19, 10 per cent of Kiwis experienced food insecurity on a regular basis.

Due to Covid-19, it believes the figure is now closer to 20 per cent - or one million people - who do not have enough good food to eat on a weekly basis.

“Covid-19 has amplified the need and we are seeing the impact of it every day. Christmas is going to be a stark reality for some families because there is simply not enough to go around,” says Farrelly. “We don’t accept that, because everyone deserves a Christmas.”

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