National's election result gets worse after Labour candidates snatch three electorates on special votes

Source: 1News

National's 2020 election horror show has gone from bad to worse, losing two more MPs after special votes were counted.

Labour candidates in three electorates who lost on the night have claimed victory over their National rivals after the counting of special votes.

In Maungakiekie Labour's Priyanca Radhakrishnan won by a 635 majority over National's Denise Lee.

In Northland, Willow-Jean Prime defeated Matt King by a 163 vote majority, while in Whangārei, Emily Henderson won over Shane Reti with a 431 vote majority. 

Lee, who came under fire from leader Judith Collins for a letter she wrote to colleagues over policy regarding Auckland Council that was later leaked, and King, have lost their places in Parliament as National goes from 35 to 33 seats.

Labour increases its seat count from 64 to 65. 

On the special vote count the Māori Party gained a second MP, while the Greens and ACT remained with 10 each.