Possibly NZ's largest McDonald's Happy Meal toy collection up for sale

Source: 1News

How would you like to own what's perhaps New Zealand's biggest McDonald’s Happy Meal toy collection?

Since the late 1970s, the Burns family has been collecting the wee toys - they've got about 1500 pieces. 

Marian Burns inherited the toys from her mum Norma. 

“She got addicted to it, I think. She just loved collecting them for the grandies,” Marian said.

But now, the time has come for them to go to a new home.

Norma's dementia diagnosis saw her move into a care facility earlier this year, meaning the time had come for her collection to move on too.

Marian said she was experiencing a “mixed bag” of feelings about finding a new home for the toys. She said she wept at times while preparing the collection for sale because it felt like an “end of an era”.

“We want to move them onto another home so they can be appreciated,” she said.

“We also want to get some more money for her care, it’s going to help her.”

Marian hoped the collection would end up at a toy museum for all to enjoy. The collection is on sale for $5000 on Facebook.