Judith Collins congratulates Jacinda Ardern, says National will re-emerge stronger in concession speech

Source: 1News

National leader Judith Collins has given a concession speech as National failed to capture the vote tonight.

"We always knew it was going to be tough, didn’t we?" she said before thanking her volunteers and supporters.

"With that sort of welcome anyone would have thought we won!

"Thank you to everyone who voted National, we will repay that trust over the next few years."

She then thanked her deputy Gerry Brownlee, who is on track to lose his electorate seat tonight.

"When I began as leader three months ago we had to work very quickly during a very difficult series of events. Thanks for backing me."

She alluded to the fact she will stay on as leader.

"National will re-emerge a stronger disciplined and more connected party."

Collins also had some words for her political rival Labour leader Jacinda Ardern.

"To Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who I have phoned before, congratulations on your result, which I believe was a fantastic result for the Labour Party."

Collins ended her speech with a forward looking message.

“Tonight is the start of the next campaign, bring on 2023!”

With 82 per cent of the vote counted, National currently sits on 27 per cent of the vote which translates to 35 seats.

Labour is on 49 per cent with 64 seats.

“Tonight is the start of the next campaign, bring on 2023!”