After hostile exchanges, Collins and Ardern praise each other as final leaders' debate ends

Source: 1News

They may be vying for the same job, but both Judith Collins and Jacinda Ardern took a moment to compliment each other during tonight’s final leaders’ debate.

Moderator Jessica Mutch McKay asked the leaders of the National Party and Labour Party what they would like to say to one another as the debate came to an end.

Ardern took the moment to thank Collins for a speech she gave in Parliament after the March 15 terrorist attack.

“In the House she gave an incredibly sincere, authentic speech about the need for us to move on gun law reform. I found it particularly powerful.”

In reply, Collins praised Ardern for how she had taken on the role of Prime Minister.

“I just think anyone who takes on the job of Prime Minister has to put their heart and soul into it and Jacinda has been doing that.

“I don’t think anyone should take the job lightly and I think we can say that’s a great thing.”

However, when asked if she likes Collins by media after the debate, Ardern stated she hadn’t spent much time with her outside the political realm to get to know her.

“Judith isn’t someone I know particularly well,” Ardern said. 

Collins was also asked about the friendly exchange between her and Ardern after the debate.

“I don’t know that we’re going to go on holiday together, but I try not to have any personal animosity at work and be professional.”

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