'OK, you got me' - Seymour admits not following own advice on masks at Level 1

Source: 1News

ACT leader David Seymour this morning admitted to not following his own advice that people should be wearing masks at Alert Level 1.

Seymour was pressed on the matter by Q+A host Jack Tame after again repeating New Zealand should be following Taiwan's blueprint to beat Covid-19.

Tame asked Seymour if this means New Zealanders should all be wearing masks at Alert Level 1, like they do in Taiwan.

“My view is that you should be,” Seymour responded.

Tame then asked Seymour if he wore a mask when travelling to the studio this morning.

“Well no I wasn’t, what I am saying is one person doing it is probably not going to make the change,” ACT’s leader replied.

“But you’re a political leader,” Tame said implying he should be leading by example before continuing to press him on Taiwan’s mask wearing measures.

“OK you got me so I’m not leading the world in mask wearing but neither is New Zealand and my point is we need policies where we are all in it together,” Seymour said.

The subject was then changed to polling and Seymour said he was trying to get "as many seats as possible for ACT" - while his party is polling at 8% - giving it 11 seats, in the latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll.

"What people seem to respond to... is that we need to be consistent, we need to be constructive, we need to show that we can adapt to this virus that isn't going anywhere, and also get on top of the debt," he said.

"That's what ACT's offering, I don't know if National offered that they'd be doing better, but people can give their party vote to ACT and not only and help get not only a change of Government, but a change of direction."