Just two women in National's top 10 after Kaye and Adams depart

National's new line up has two women in its top 10 and six in its top 20 - a ratio new leader Judith Collins put down to the sizeable cohort of senior women MPs leaving, but still meant the party had the "right people for the job".  

Left to right, National MPs Nikki Kaye, Judith Collins and Amy Adams.

Ms Collins announced today's reshuffle, just hours after senior MPs Amy Adams and Nikki Kaye revealed their intentions to retire at the upcoming election. 

"We just lost senior women MPs like Nikki (Kaye) and Amy (Adams), and Paula (Bennett) and (Anne) Tolley are leaving."

"We're losing some people that have decided on their own accord to leave, that means we need to look at experience elsewhere," Ms Collins said today.

As leader, Ms Collins sits at the top spot, Louise Upston is at number nine, Nicola Willis is at 13 and Jacqui Dean is at 14. 

Melissa Lee comes in at 16 and Barbara Kuriger is at 20. 

Todd Muller's reshuffle on May 25 had four women in his top 10, which included Ms Collins, Ms Upston, Ms Kaye and Ms Adams. His top 20 had nine, before Paula Bennett announced her retirement two weeks ago and was replaced with Shane Reti.

"I have never been someone who feels we need to appoint people on the base of gender, I don't think I've ever been appointed on the basis of gender," Ms Collins said today. 

"I believe absolutely that we have to have the right people for the job."

"Everyone here is promoted here on their talent, work ethic and what they bring to the team."

Ms Collins said National shared with Labour the issue of not having "any more women than we've got".

The Labour Party has four women in its top 10 and six, the same as National, in its top 20. 

Despite the comparison, Ms Collins could not resist throwing in a dig at the opposing party.

"I look at the PM's problem, she's got Megan Woods , one of the very few highly competent Ministers that she's got, I've got actually quite a few," she said.