Hamilton store workers attempt to fight off armed attackers as horrific robbery caught on video

Source: 1News

Warning: Some may find the vision contained within this story upsetting

A Hamilton liquor store worker was bashed and threatened with a machete in an horrific robbery yesterday, while a neighbouring shop worker who tried to help was also attacked.

Thirsty Liquor shared CCTV of the brutal attack in an attempt to explain why the shop was closed early the day before.

Video from inside the store shows the worker exiting the chiller when a man in a hooded jacket and dark trackpants threatens him with a knife.

Another man wearing a black puffy vest over a grey top can be seen grabbing alcohol, as well as a third man in a hooded orange and black jacket.

The man in the orange and black jacket punches the shop worker in the head multiple times before the shop worker runs out and holds the door shut.

External CCTV footage shows the moment a white car pulls up and the three men, wearing masks, run out and into the store.

Seconds after entering, one of them runs back out holding a bottle of alcohol and puts it in the car.

The worker then leaves the shop and tries to hold the door closed, blocking the two remaining attackers inside, before the man at the car spots him.

When he tries to run, the worker is kicked in the shin and another man runs out, armed with a machete.

During the attack, a plastic outdoor chair was thrown at the worker as another of the robbers keeps running back and forth stealing alcohol.

A worker at the neighbouring fish and chip shop then runs out, armed with a metal stool to try and chase the thieves off.

He's repeatedly attacked with another weapon, which appears to be a screwdriver, before being knocked to the ground, kicked in the head, and another man swings a hockey stick at his head but misses.

The entire ordeal lasted less than five minutes before the attackers fled in the car.

Large amounts of alcohol and cigarettes were seen to be stolen in the robbery, with some falling out of the car as they escape.

Police and Thirsty Liquor have been contacted for comment.