Returnee 'in their late 60s' broke window, climbed fence to escape managed isolation – fourth to do so in a week

Source: 1News

A fourth person has escaped managed isolation in the space of a week as police investigate the latest breach which happened overnight at the Waipuna Hotel in Auckland.

Air Commodore Darryn Webb, Head of Managed Isolation and Quarantine, said in a statement this afternoon that the individual, aged in their 60s broke and climbed out of a window in their room and climbed perimeter fencing to abscond,

The person was last seen at the Hotel at about 11pm and were picked up by police at about 12:15am and placed under armed guard back at the Waipuna.

It is alleged the escapee knocked on three residents’ doors while outside the facility.

The first property did not answer. The second property called 111. At the third property the individual apparently spoke to a couple.

Air Commodore Webb said the person tested negative for their day 3 Covid-19 test, after arriving in New Zealand on 4 July.

Their next scheduled test is due on Monday and they have no symptoms of Covid-19.

It’s the fourth break out this week and comes after a man in his 50’s was arrested on Thursday after escaping isolation at the Distinction Hotel in Hamilton to go and buy liquor.

On Tuesday, a 32-year-old man snuck out of the Stamford Plaza prior to testing positive for the virus. He visited a central Auckland supermarket for just over an hour.

And last Saturday, a 43-year-old woman escaped from the Pullman Hotel in Auckland at around 6.20pm before being found by police almost two hours later.

The government has announced a 24/7 police presence would be in force at managed isolation facilities from yesterday.