Long-serving Bunnings employee takes future into own hands as stores close across NZ

Source: 1News

As seven Bunnings stores close across the country due to Covid-19, one long-serving employee has decided to take his future into his own hands.

Larry Waterhouse has worked at Bunnings for 20 years and is known as a people person with top-notch know-how.

But all of that changed yesterday when the 60-year-old’s store, Bunnings Rangiora, closed.

“I worked in every department except in the office, so dog's body in receiving for about four times, plumbing, two or three times landscaping, anywhere you wanna talk about what I've filled in and done,” says Mr Waterhouse.

“The five or four of us that were here, they started to have a bit of a tear up when I said, ‘We won't be open ever again here in Bunnings Rangiora, and we won't be able to help you again tomorrow, because we just won't be here."

Newly unemployed, Mr Waterhouse is starting his own business and isn’t letting the skills he learnt after many years at Bunnings go to waste.

While one chapter may be ending, he’s decided to start an in-home DIY consultancy.

“Someone suggested, why not walk in through the front door, 'Hi, it’s the DIY guy,' and I just thought, 'OK, we'll see what happens.'”