Sarpreet Singh feeling 'very blessed' after first season at Bayern Munich

Source: 1News

He may already have a Bundesliga title under his belt at age 21, but All White Sarpreet Singh says he still has plenty to learn from his successful teammates.

Bayern Munich officially claimed their eighth-consecutive title on Sunday but it was just the first for Singh after he joined the German club last year from the Wellington Phoenix.

Singh spent most of his time in reserve grades but after impressing the higher-ups with his talents there, was given his Bundesliga debut in December. In doing so, he became the first New Zealander since Wynton Rufer to play in the competition since 1995.

The journey still feels surreal for the midfielder.

"I am very fortunate and very blessed to be in this position and being given this opportunity where I am in an environment with the top team and I am always learning, I'm always growing, it's an amazing feeling just being a part of the team and winning the title," Singh said in a Bundesliga interview.

"I hope this is the first of many but I know at the same time there is a lot more hard work to do in order to reach that."

Growing up in Auckland, Singh said he aspired to play in Europe at the highest level and having now reached that goal, his new focus is on playing as many games as possible at that tier.

"I've only been in Europe for one year now, there's still plenty of time for me,” he said.

"Players here have been here for many years and they have experienced many wins and successes so I am in the perfect environment where I can learn off them and for me I want to continue to learn and to grow and to improve myself.

"I look at the boys that are playing week in and week out and how professional they are and that's why they play. For me it is perfect to see what they do before training, after training and the extras that go in to it and the amount of hard work they put into it."

Singh said his family had made many sacrifices in order for him to chase his football dreams and they were proud of what he had achieved so far.

"My family are extremely happy for me but at the same time they want me to push to get more and more.

“I'm very grateful I have a family that drives success and they all work hard and want to improve and be better and that's what I learnt growing up.”

In fact, it’s a lesson from his family that could prove to be the most useful in Europe.

"I believe if you put in the work you'll get the rewards."