Of 2159 people who left managed isolation, 71 refused to have Covid-19 test - Ministry of Health

Source: 1News

Out of the 2159 people who left managed isolation between June 9 and 16, 71 of those refused to have a Covid-19 test according to new figures released today by the Ministry of Health.

The Novotel in Ellerslie.

Additional breakdowns show from the overall 2159 number, 1186 people have been contacted and have tested negative.

Eight hundred of those were tested before leaving managed isolation and the remaining 386 were tested after departure from facilities, according to the Ministry.

A further 199 people have been referred for a test which the Ministry does not yet have a result for and 142 will not be tested due to different reasons such as, being a child, part of repositioning crew or currently being overseas.

The Ministry of Health say its still in the process of connecting with 632 people. As needed it will refer people it does not make contact with to "finding services". So far 164 of the 632 people had invalid phone numbers and have been referred to finding services.

That means, 973 people who have left managed isolation between June 9 and 16, will not or have yet to be tested.

It comes as today there was one new case of Covid-19 announced in New Zealand, bringing the country's total number of active cases to 14.

The latest confirmed case of the virus is a man is his 30s who arrived in New Zealand on June 21 from Kenya, via Doha and Brisbane.

He has been staying at Auckland's Novotel in Ellerslie and is moving to the Jet Park Hotel today - a designated quarantine facility.

The Ministry of Health says the man tested positive for Covid-19 as part of routine testing around day three of his stay.

Follow-up with the group of 55 people who were granted a compassionate exemption from managed isolation between June 9 ‐ 16 has now been completed, the Ministry of Health also confirmed today.

One of these people had their approval withdrawn and remained in managed isolation for the full 14 days. Forty people have tested negative for Covid-19 and 14 people will not be tested.

The Ministry of Health says that decision has been made either on the basis of health, because they are a child, they have declined, they can no longer be contacted, or they have left the country.