Health Minister in talks with Air NZ over compulsory PPE on all flights

Source: 1News

The Government is in talks with Air New Zealand over whether personal protective equipment, or PPE, should be compulsory on all flights. 

Health Minister David Clark last night met with Air New Zealand and told TVNZ1's Q+A prior to the meeting he would be talking about "how we progress". 

Currently wearing face masks on flights is optional, but Dr Clark said "we think it would be good if all people on flights use PPE". 

"The crew certainly are.

"It looks like things are working well now, but we can always do better."

He said he was following up on possible reports people were sick and boarding planes to New Zealand. 

It comes after cases of Covid-19 were picked up in managed quarantine of returning New Zealanders. 

“These things have to be handled carefully and they’ve got to be got right. The border is the critical thing we have to get right."

Dr Clark said there is an expectation airlines "do the right thing" in regards to ensuring their passengers are not sick.