Auckland hotel suspended from quarantine duties after residents complain

Source: 1News

An Auckland hotel geared up to be used for isolation accommodation has been stood down from duties after residents raised concern over their close proximity to returning travellers. 

Busloads of people needing to go into quarantine were expected to arrive at the Stamford Plaza today after the hotel was shortlisted to provide hotel rooms.

However, after the proposed decision sparked fears over the potential of being in close proximity to Covid-19 cases, the government has since decided to suspend the use of the hotel. 

According to Air Commodore Webb, assessment of the facility is still underway but they have decided to suspend the use of the hotel until further notice. 

"The decision has been made that no returnees will be arriving at the Stamford hotel at any point until I am satisfied that it meets the criteria for a managed isolation facility. 

"We need to be satisfied that all elements of our processes and protocols are in place." 

The apartments on the top eight floors of the Stamford Plaza are home to around about 300 people, with many of whom are considered as older and of higher risk for severe complications associated with coronavirus. 

A spokesperson for the Stamdford Land Corporation bit back at the decision, stating the "wrongful interference" made by apartment residents and staff were "based on non-factual and misleading information".  

While having "no intention to be involved in local politics", the corporation said it intended to meet up with the Stamford Residences' body corporate to discuss their concerns as well as resolve "any misunderstandings, in a rationale and objective manner".

Like many in the hospitality industry, the hotel has incurred a substantial level of cost without having a stead flow of international visitors but it said it would be significantly impacted further if the quarantine suspension isn't lifted. 

The corporation said it would turn to "seeking compensation" from the parties involved for compensation over the losses accumulated due to the suspension. 

In yesterday's press conference, Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said procedures at hotels involved in the quarantine process so far had been steady and they hadn't seen any new infections spark from such places. 

"It's an ongoing work but I will point to the fact that we have not had any cases coming out of our managed isolation facilities in over 19,000 Kiwis that have come through in the past couple of months."