Rocket Lab's second mission for 2020 finally blasts into space

Source: 1News

Rocket Lab's latest launch has blasted off into space from their New Zealand site at Mahia Peninsula on the East Coast. 

The mission is named "Don't Stop Me Now" in recognition of their Rocket Lab board member and Queen fan Scott Smith, who passed away earlier this year. 

The privately funded Kiwi-American company has previously sent a total of 48 satellites into space for customers such as NASA and the US.

After a two month delay due to lockdown for the rocket launch, the mission was postponed yet again on Thursday after high winds forced the launch to be moved. 

Three of the payloads on board have been built by the NRO helping to "explore new launch opportunities for getting small satelites into space", according to Rocket Lab. 

It will use a wireless network of lightweight mini-satellites to measure the strength and direction of electrical currents flowing in and out of Earth’s magnetic field, the impact of which can affect radio communications and electrical systems.

A Rocket Lab electron rocket

Data acquired from the mission will also help researchers develop a better understanding of polar lights (aurora) and predict dangerous solar storms.