Victoria University of Wellington offers students 'guaranteed entry' if they complete programme aimed at keeping numbers up

Source: 1News

Victoria University of Wellington is making access easier for students wanting to study at the university in 2021.

The university today agreed to remove grade entry requirements, meaning any student who successfully completes University Entrance (UE) will be guaranteed entry to undergraduate study if they apply.

"Previously students needed a rank score in NCEA of 150 for undergraduate degree-level entry, and 180 points for entry to the Bachelor of Architectural Studies and Bachelor of Building Science," the university said in a statement today.

“We recognise that 2020 is an extraordinary year and that many secondary students have faced significant disruption to their learning this year and that they are seeking clarity and assurances.

"This move has been made as part of the university’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Chancellor Neil Paviour-Smith.

The university says it will be working closely with secondary schools to make sure they understand how the University Entrance programme works.

It comes as earlier this month high school students welcomed further changes to the NCEA secondary school qualification, helping to address disruptions to learning caused by the Covid-19 lockdown.

Students will get an extra credit for every five earned, up to a maximum of 10 additional credits at NCEA level one and an additional eight credits at level two and three.

There will also be reduced credit requirements for approved subjects for university entrance and a lower 46 credit requirement for Merit and Excellence certificate endorsements instead of 50 and lower course endorsement requirements as part of the latest temporary changes.