'Pumped, ready to go' – Minor parties ready to campaign for your 2020 vote

Source: 1News

With the country now at Alert Level 1, political parties are starting to campaign seriously for New Zealanders votes and not just the established political players.

The Opportunities Party, Sustainable New Zealand, Vision NZ, New Conservative and the Māori Party are all working hard to launch their campaigns.

Getting the word out about their parties comes with a little bit of help by the Electoral Commission which assigns funds for broadcast advertising, on TV, radio and online from the pot for over $4 million.

The Māori Party and the Opportunities Party both got $145,000 to spend, the New Conservative’s get $62,000 while Vision and Sustainable NZ get nearly $52,000.

However, these smaller parties outside Parliament face an enormous hurdle, they must win five per cent of the vote to get into Parliament or win an electorate seat.

With 100 days until the election and 84 days until voting opens, political reporter Benedict Collins looked at some of the parties vying for Kiwi votes.

Watch his full story above.