Budget 2020: Free trades training for all ages to be rolled out in Covid-19 fall-out

Free trades training for all ages is being rolled out in Budget 2020, costing $1.6 billion.

MPTT has launched a new social media campaign called 'Youse Got Choices.'

Education Minster Chris Hipkins said extending the free targeted vocational training courses from just school leavers to all ages would help people who had lost their jobs from the Covid-19 fallout.

"It will include courses linked to industry skills needs, in building and construction, agriculture and manufacturing and also vocational courses like community health, counselling and care work.

A Māori Apprenticeships Fund will be created to design group training schemes to employ Māori as apprenticeships.

"It will work by providing tailored support for Māori employers to take on Māori apprentices," Employment Minister Willie Jackson said.

Ministry of Social Development's employment services will get an extra $150m to deal with increased Covid-19 demand of people entering the benefit system.

It will be available from July 1.

Trades and Apprenticeship Package broken down:

  • $334 million funding for additional tertiary education enrolments
  • $320 million targeted investment support for free trades training in critical industries
  • $412 million support for employers to retain and keep training their apprentices
  • $276 million funding for Workforce Development Councils and Regional Skills Leadership groups, to be established to give industry and regions a greater voice and help them respond to COVID-19
  • $141 million to support high quality tertiary and trades education
  • $32 million increased funding to meet demand in Trades Academies
  • $50 million for a Māori Apprenticeships Fund
  • $19 million for group training schemes to retain apprentices
  • $26 million operating and capital for a new online careers advice system