Go behind-the-scenes as McDonald's outlet prepares for reopening and a new way of serving customers

Source: 1News

McDonald's restaurants around the country are gearing up to re-open at Level 3 tomorrow with strict new hygiene measures in place.

Dining in won't be an option for customers, but a drive-thru service will begin operating, with a somewhat limited menu.

McDonald's NZ managing director David Howse said the fast food retailer began preparing to re-open almost immediately after they closed.

All staff had received extra training around hygiene practices, and physical barriers and physical distancing measures had been implemented.

Mr Howse said supply chains were being re-established and stores were stocking up on the items that consumers were most likely to be craving.

"When you order your food in drive-thru it will be very similar to normal," Mr Howse said.

"We've got a bit of a limited menu but you'll still be able to get your favourites.

Thick shakes and sundaes were among the items which wouldn't be available.

Crew members would be using gloves, will undergo regular hand sanitising and will hand over food using as much distance as possible.

Mr Howse is expecting tomorrow to be "probably slightly busier than a normal Tuesday".

With 137 McDonald's outlets opening tomorrow, Mr Howse is expecting to get "140-150,000 combos out the door tomorrow".

"It might take a little bit longer than usual but you'll be able to get your French fries and your Big Mac, which will be a bit of a joy for a lot of Kiwis."

Burger King and KFC are among some of the fast food outlets opening stores tomorrow.