National MPs questioning Simon Bridges' leadership after recent misstep

Source: 1News

Some National MPs are questioning Simon Bridges' leadership after backlash to a social media post criticising the Government's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to 1 NEWS political editor Jess Mutch McKay.

Mr Bridges posted to Facebook last week criticising the Government's response to coronavirus, with the post attracting 16,000 angry and laughing reactions from users and 27,000 mostly negative comments.

"I have spoken to a number of National MPs today and several have told me the same thing, that their supporters are concerned over the judgement of that Facebook post that criticised the Government, calling it 'tone deaf'," Ms Mutch Mackay said tonight.

"That's prompted some of those MPs to question Bridges leadership."

"No ones doing the numbers yet and no one's put their names forward, but some MPs are definitely calling around to see what their options are."

However, Ms Mutch McKay says National will not be wanting to focus on their own leadership during the Covid-19 battle.

Mr Bridges had National in a good spot before the Covid-19 pandemic in Colmar Brunton polling and he may "ride this out" like he done other challenges, Ms Mutch McKay said.

"But it's never a good sign when you have your own MPs questioning your performance and your judgement."