Watch as Winston Peters plays Queen's Radio Ga Ga to journalists while evading questions over SFO probe

Source: 1News

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters forwent answering questions from journalists this afternoon and instead played Queen's Radio Ga Ga from his cellphone. 

This morning, the Serious Fraud Office confirmed it has opened an investigation  into the New Zealand First Foundation.

"I'm not being investigated and listen up," Mr Peters said today. 

He then played the song from his cellphone and said: "That's you guys - see ya".

Today is not the first time Mr Peters has used music during interactions with journalists. 

In October, 2018 Mr Peters played 'Burning Bridges' hours after Jami-Lee Ross was expelled from the National Party caucus after resigning from the party.

Again he told media to "listen up", as he produced his cellphone that was playing a YouTube clip of the theme song of the 1970 film Kelly's Heroes. 

Its theme song is Burning Bridges, by the Mike Curb Congregation. 

"Here comes the punchline," Mr Peters said, as the chorus played. 

Earlier today, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she was awaiting the outcome of the SFO investigation. 

"In my mind we need to apply natural justice here. Let's let them do their job and let's make judgment after that."

"In an MMP environment political parties need to take responsibility for themselves."

This morning, Mr Peters referred journalists to another interview he had conducted today "because I'm not wasting my time with any more of these questions". 

When asked why the Prime Minister had to continue to answer questions about his party, Mr Peters said "because you've got idiots like you asking stupid questions, that's why".