'Blame game' taking place as Far North plagued with water issues

Source: 1News

A "blame game" is at play in the Far North, as water issues plague the area, one resident said. 

Avocado orchards have provided much needed jobs to the economically challenged region, but its demand for water has split the community. 

Tensions have been mounting over the number of big consents for water going through, 17 approved and another 24 being considered next month. 

Tui Baker, who runs a car valet business in Kaitaia, but is faced with a level four water restriction, told TVNZ1's Q+A a "blame game" over the water issues was taking place. 

"The council should have done this, or that," she said. 

Far North mayor John Carter said he accepted "in hindsight" that more should have been done. 

"I think it's a fair criticism that I and the council should have given better leadership."

He said a temporary fix was on the way, but urged people to not panic in the meantime. 

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